Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shaolin Soccer

So I watched Shaolin Soccer this weekend, and I figured I'd give a review of it for all you avid readers out there... or something.

Great movie! I love the style of Stephen Chow and company. I've only seen Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle, but both are very fun. Basically Stephen Chow's movies use a lot of the same humor you would find in a cartoon. For instance, slipping on a banana peel. It may sound like an old gag, but it is very entertaining to watch a live rendition of the act.

And much like any anime series, the practice of kung fu makes every master a super hero. Like Steel Leg (Stephen Chow's character in Shaolin Soccer), who can kick a soccer ball so high into the sky that it could possibly bring down a satellite.

His movies are also filled with memorable characters. Like the best friend who wants nothing to do with him. Or the accountant who is nothing but numbers and probability. Much like a cartoon, the characters are relatively one dimensional, but that is partially what makes his movies so entertaining.

There is character development, don't misunderstand. The story focuses on a washed up soccer star who wants to show up his old rival and create his own, all-star soccer team and also Stephen Chow's character who has been trying to spread the way of kung fu to everyone in China.

Good movie! So check it out! And that's it for me. Sooooo... Talk atcha later!

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