Monday, February 6, 2012

Kenpo Karate: 10 Hand Strikes

Kenpo karate is an art that contains many techniques. These listed below are 10 hand strikes that a kenpo karate student would learn:
  1. Straight punch - stays palm up while in chamber position at the hip, but when fully extended, knuckles go up. 
  2. Vertical punch - starts palm up, like the straight punch, but when released from the chamber position, the knuckles are vertical with the thumb up.
  3. Inward hand sword - palm up to shoulder and, using the blade of the hand (pinky side), strike the neck of the opponent, going inward.
  4. Outward hand sword - palm down, raising arm across the chest, strike the neck going outward.
  5. Palm heel - like a straight punch, strike using the palm in a thrust motion.
  6. Back knuckle - raising fist to opposite shoulder, strike using the back of the hand, preferably the knuckle.
  7. Finger thrust - open hand, fingers slightly spread, and jab.
  8. Finger poke - using index and middle finger together, strike withe a thrust. Typically to eyes or soft vulnerable areas.
  9. Inward slice - using index and middle finger, slice across the eyes from outside to in.
  10. Outward slice - using index and middle finger, slice across the eyes from inside to out.
Those are ten hand strikes used in kenpo karate.

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