Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kenpo Karate: Alternating Maces

Alternating Maces is another technique in Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate. Like the previous post, it is required for yellow belt promotion, and I will try my best to come up with a suitable defense against it.

As I've said, a skilled kenpo karate student is very fast. Delayed Sword and Alternating Maces are two techniques taught at the beginner level, but like I said before, your basics are your bread and butter.

Alternating Maces is a technique that defends against a two armed push, the kind that may be used in a school fight or possibly a bar. The defender rotates the hips and right inner block and push down on the arms. Just a fluid motion of blocking and pushing down (I hate to use the term blocking here, because it isn't really a block, but it is close enough).

Because the attacker initiated with a push, chances are that his momentum will keep him going forward. The defender then punches (left handed) the solar plexus to stop the opponent. After this stop, the defender uses a back fist to the temple.

A couple of things come to mind. 1, as the attacker's arms are pushed downward, the attacker's motion is directed downward and forward. What a I give to those who are defending against another kenpo artist who does the common defense of Alternating Maces is a kamikaze attack: a forward roll.

Because your arms are going down anyway, direct your hands down to start the roll. More than likely your opponent will not see this coming. As you are rolling, your legs go up. If you can miraculously kick him in the face, kudos to you. However, if he is an amazing artist, he will be able to counter this with a jump back, so you must be able to land on your feet.

2, You know what is coming next after the pushing down of your arms: a punch. If you are able to redirect your velocity, you can avoid it. Swing your back leg (at the time of conflict) to the side of the other leg in order to go sideways and either inside his body or outside.

On the inside of the punch, their is a possible counter of your punch to his solar plexus. On the outside, you could punch into the arm pit or you could wrap your arm under his armpit and then around his neck and put him into a full nelson.

If anyone has any other ideas, comment below. I'd like to know.

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