Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kenpo Karate: The Yin Yang

As a youngen, I didn't understand what the yin yang was. All I knew about it was that is was Asian and that all the cool people wore them. So of course I had to have a medalion too.

What I heard about it was that it was a representation of opposites. Light and dark, right and wrong, cold and hot, stuff like that. But now I come to realize that though yin yang does symbolize opposites, it doesn't entail absolute opposite.

Yin yang is a symbol representing complementary opposites, meaning that neither is absolute but both exist in a system, differing in approaches...

Really it is really hard to describe. The best way to describe it is in terms of kenpo karate artists. One kenpo karate artist may view kenpo karate as an art-form, purely seeking knowledge and learning. The other seeks strength and learns as a means to defeat his opponents by fighting and gaining experience.

As it relates to the way of strategy, both systems reach for knowledge but in differing ways. By study, a kenpo artist will find many ideas in the Way. By fighting, a kenpo artist gains experience that allows them to go farther.

Fighting is the best way because experience teaches better than a book. However, in practicing the movements, an artist at least will gain the musculature to perform when needed. But by far real experience is the best teacher.

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