Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kenpo Karate: Deflecting Hammer

Deflecting Hammer is technique number four in the list of techniques learned for American Kenpo Karate yellow belt test.

Deflecting Hammer is a kenpo karate technique that defends against a right front kick. The defender shuffles back diagonally, just enough to avoid the kick while also deflecting it with a right downward hammer. This keeps the attacker's momentum going forward, leading him to a possible right hand punch. The defender then left hand blocks the elbow and right elbow strike to the neck or face.

In this instance, it is hard to determine a proper counter. If you were in the position of using a front kick defend yourself against a kenpo karate attacker, they would use your forward momentum against you and use it for their ultimate elbow strike.

One defense comes to mind: instead of following up with a punch, plant your foot after the hammer deflection; you'll know what is coming anyway since you know this defense as well. Plant your right foot and immediately turn and do backside kick. This keeps your momentum going forward and will be a little surprise to your attacker who may not be ready for this type of follow up.

You may even try a turn and left outer swordstrike to the neck.

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