Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kenpo Karate: The Way is in Training

Second in the principles of Miyamoto and kenpo karate is "the way is in training." As I stated in a previous article, there are many ways. Depending on the direction you are going, you can find a path that leads anywhere. But the Way here is talking about the way of a martial artist.

The Way is not something that is taught, it is learned. The cliche is tired, I know, but it is the truth. One only learns the Way. And the way that one learns the Way is through the instruction of a teacher who knows the Way. How do you know that they know the Way? You don't, because you do not know what the Way is until you get there.

The first principle "do not think dishonestly" goes in hand with this one. Your teacher must not think dishonestly; that is one way to know for sure. And the only way to know that your teacher is not thinking dishonestly is to question what he/she says, research and discover. In doing that, you may be able to uncover whether or not they know the Way.

The Way comes with training. You may learn all the techniques quickly and even have a knack at sparring, kata and all other focuses in the martial arts, but only through years of training will you find the Way itself. It comes and goes as you train and you will be able to perceive it only while you are on it.

It is not something you can find on a map, it is something instinctual. The same way that birds learn to fly and fish learn to swim. It is inside them already; it is not something to focus upon nor is it something easily grasped or put into words. But it is something that comes to those who put their passion into the martial arts.

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