Friday, January 27, 2012

Kenpo Karate: Distinguish Between Gain and Loss

In every action, remember there is gain and loss. In some situations, you will be met with a loss and in others you will be met with gain, each will happen and it is best not to dwell on either. Forget the loss and remember the gain--to the best of your ability--but never dwell on either. To dwell will make you sloppy.

In every decision, there is a gain or a loss. It is why we must make decisions. Whether the gain be large or small, or likewise the loss, there will be one every time. In strategy it is wise to remember this and also to observe these potential outcomes in order to make the best decision.

In kenpo karate, many of our techniques are rapid and flowing and involve a series of strikes and grabs. If you are caught by a strong kenpo karate fighter, you may have to choose where to block--which part of your body is best to protect.

Hopefully you would know and understand the technique, and if that's the case you may have a counter. If you have not devised counters for techniques, you may want to start. It is good to understand the potential outcomes of any attack with a clever counter. This may throw off your opponent, but remember he/she may be cleverer.

Know when to retreat and know when to advance. If your opponent is strong, weigh the options.

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