Monday, January 30, 2012

Kenpo Karate: Developing Intuitive Judgement

Developing intuition can be a bad thing, and when I say that, I'm not implying that intuition its self is bad but the person who is developing it may not completely understand what intuition is.

As I understand intuition, it is feeling in your gut that something isn't right or that something is going to happen. Often it is hard to know the "what" but sometimes intuition tells you exactly why you are having the "gut" feeling.

The reason why intuition can be a bad thing is because many have strong ideological backgrounds, and they perceive the world as they wish it were instead of how it is. There is nothing wrong with having ideals, it's when you allow them to cloud your "reality" thinking that can screw up your intuitive judgement.

Developing intuitive judgement takes all the skills we talked about before, especially understanding people and the various ways that exist in the world. Thinking honestly is also key when it comes to intuitive development, because if you are always thinking of how it should be, you will have a hard time perceiving how it is.

So the best thing to remember when developing intuition is to test it (like everything else). You'll get a feeling, that is fact, but where the feeling comes from is debatable. Wait to see if the conclusion you came to is fact or fiction. If the conclusion is, by any means, something that could harm someone else, take action right away. Better safe than sorry. But many of your intuitive thoughts will be about things that are less than life-changing. The last intuitive thought I received was simply about my choice of parking. Ignoring it, I found that I was right and that I had to move my car.

They can be anything and sometimes they can be nothing. Test your intuitions and continue to study because study and training are the only ways to develop your intuition.

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