Monday, January 23, 2012

Kenpo Karate: Do Not Think Dishonestly

Do not think dishonestly is one of the 9 principles written by Musashi Miyamoto and adopted by the kenpo karate community. It is not so much concerned with lying (though lying is not a very good action either) but rather a Christian practice of not relying on one's own understanding.

For instance kenpo is a martial art that originates from China but grew up in Japan. Some may say that kenpo is a form of kung fu based on this logic, however by today's standards kenpo doesn't resemble any known kung fu. So though it may have come from China, kenpo was brought up in Japan and was influenced by Japanese customs and martial arts.

There kenpo is not kung fu. But because some may believe that it is, that is a form of thinking dishonestly. Those who believe that kenpo is kung fu are relying on their own understanding. Just because the ground that you are standing on is supposedly flat, does not mean the world itself is flat.

Miyamoto prescribed study and perception in order for students of strategy to learn. It was through these actions that martial artists can see the differences. If there is something that I can add to this thought, it is to never take any information given to you at face value. Always research and test those who are your teachers before accepting their truths.

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