Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kenpo Karate: Become Acquainted with Every Art

In order to grow, a student must become familiar with different arts. This is not limited to martial arts or to differing styles of kenpo. It is best to learn all arts.

Schools in the US have had a little bit of a problem with this action. It is common to view art classes as a waste of time because the student isn't solving some sort of elaborate equation or coming up with a cure for cancer. But it is through art that one learns to deviate and think outside the box, which often comes to answers and cures.

Art is a way for the mind to relax and stress, depending on the task. It is not more or less important than any other subject matter.

That being said, a martial artist should strive to perceive how art can influence their own style. The animal styles were influenced by the observation of animals and then the rigid training of the masters. Caligraphy can help a swordsman with his swordsplay. Miyamoto encourages writing and painted many beautiful paintings in his lifetime.

Art is important to release our own inner potential and can help us achieve more when we take the time to discover it.

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