Friday, December 30, 2011

The Wind Mindset: Open and Free

Through the gateways to water and to fire, the student now may find themselves in wind state. Wind state represents a mindset of open-mindedness and freedom. This means that the student is receptive to all the possibilities that lie before them. They are fool proof! They have confidence that they attained in the earth state, a scholar mind attained from water state and passion from the fire state, all together they create the wind state.

Though by accepting that the world is always changing was a step taken in the earth state, the open-mindedness of wind state is different. By this point, your mind has changed to fully accept the possibilities. Change takes time. Just as a tree grows strong through years of rain, sleet, snow, drought and abuse, so does the student and if the student can hold on to this mindset through it all, they may attain wind state as well.

The sense of freedom is created through the passion felt through the fire state. Have you ever met someone who was passionate about what they do? They are actually happy with what they are doing and could pursue it from sunrise to sunset. They genuinely feel free in their life.

The wind state encompasses all the abilities of the earth through fire, but it comes with more freedom. The student in wind state is now making their techniques their own. The thing about all of us is that not one of us is the same. All of us are at different levels of fitness and also we all have different strengths.

Some of us can kick heads easily while others are not as flexible. Others can punch holes into bricks while others are not as strong. Every martial artist at this level becomes more acquainted with their own talents and through this creates their own kenpo karate that is right for them.

Through all the training that got you to this point, you have become familiar with what works for you and the strategies that work against your opponents. You have become accustomed to several fighting styles and can potentially defeat any opponent. You may be ready for the final level.

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