Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Fire Mindset: Igniting the Drive

After kenpo karate students have shifted from earth state to water state, the next state of mind is the fire state. Fire represents passion, drive, intent and desire. The only way to get to this state is to desire to be a great martial artist. 

As the kenpo karate student evolved from the resistant earth mindset into the flexible water mindset, they began to develop strategies and tactics to take down their opponents. While engaging in sparring, the student grows. Experience is the best teacher and as the water student continues to learn how to defeat his opponents, a new path opens.

The fire state is reserved for those who have a deep passion for kenpo karate. Those who enjoy the knowledge gained in the water state continue forward to the fire state without any problem. Those who have a hard time in the water state will often gravitate back to the earth state. But just as those in the earth state had to accept change, those in the water state must seek out their passion. If it lies in kenpo karate, then so be it, but if it is elsewhere, the student may become a great water mind but will never reach beyond that.

Once that decision is made, to push further into the art of kenpo karate, those in water state will rise to fire. What this will mean for those students is greater application of their skills. Not only can punches be used to attack your opponent, but they can be used to propel him into a different position. They can be used to block. Students will be able to unlock the potential of their techniques in ways they had not imagined. Once the drive is ignited, a student can reach their full potential as a martial artist.

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