Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Water Mindset: Flexible and Flowing

The next level a student of kenpo karate should aspire to is the water mindset. Water represents fluid, flowing thought. Martial artists in water state have a better grasp of combat than those in earth state, making the flow of battle easier to see as well as allow them to ebb and flow with their opponents.

Like water, the student of kenpo karate in this mindset learns to push and pull. Push your opponent back, pull your opponent forward and so on. Instead of a resistance to change, the mental and emotional state of those in the water mindset are set to adaptation and change.

This new mind-set allows students of kenpo karate more freedom. Instead of thinking in one way, which is what sets earth minds apart, water minds can adapt to more situations. Instead of trying the same methods over and over, a student in water state tries and creates new ways to defeat their opponents.

Water is also the mindset of defense. If you watch those in earth mindset, they are usually more interested in attacking than defense. Also their attacks are very linear and easy to predict, making them typically easy to defeat. Water students will take their time with their opponents. They are studying their attacks and thinking of how to counter the techniques their opponent uses.

This is what sets the water minds apart from the earth minds. Those who have accepted that change is necessary to excel are at the point where they are desperately trying to learn when and how to use and deflect certain techniques.

Defense comes first in this mindset; if you can block or dodge your opponent, there is no need to fight at all. But while you are in the arena, it is best to discover your opponent’s combos and devise tactics to counter them.

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