Monday, December 26, 2011

Kenpo Karate Technique: Snapping Twig

Snapping Twig is the name of a technique practiced in kenpo karate. It doesn't consist of just a simple strike; snapping twig is a series of movements that if done correctly (and in a dire situation) can break the assailant's arm as well as throw them to the ground unconscious.
Like all special techniques, snapping twig is a technique that only works on the defense. Your opponent first steps in with a punch or shove. Your reaction is to dodge and attack his attacking arm at the wrist and the elbow.

First you'll step back with your left leg, decreasing the damage from the initial attack.  Grab his attacking wrist tightly and hold it against your body. Your right arm, then, comes up and strikes his elbow, hyper extending it or breaking it. As long as you are holding the arm correctly, your opponent should not be able to move out of the technique in time before the strike to the elbow.

After the strike to the elbow (if you haven't broken the arm (I'd advise against it, unless you really have to)), roll your right hand to the bend in elbow and pull down. By bending the elbow, your opponent is lowered. At this point your opponent will do one on two things: either attack back with his other arm or be stunned by your reaction.

If he attacks with the other arm, use your left hand, which was securing his wrist, to block the punch. If your opponent was stunned by the outcome of this confrontation, and hasn't reacted, snapping twig continues with a strike to the throat.

Step forward with your left leg while bringing your right hand to your opponents wrist. Your left hand comes up and strikes with the blade (pinkie side of hand) to the throat.

After the throat strike, strike your opponent at the left temple with a hammer fist and continue past his face to block any other attacks he may use from his right hand. While your right hand is down, strike his inner thigh. This will make him bend in the waist forward, setting you up to elbow him in the head with your right arm and slam his jaw with your left heel-palm.

Check out this video for a demo of snapping twig!

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