Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Martial Arts Gi

Did you know that the first martial arts uniform was the judo uniform? Kano Jigoro, the creator of judo, created the gi in 1907. The gi was designed with long, billowy sleeves for movement, as well as long, billowy pants.

Funakoshi mimicked the Jigoro design, only he used a lighter fabric than the heavy judo gis. Thus the uniform of martial arts was born!

As you've noticed most gis look the same. The design is similar; what changes is typically reflective of the school. Kenpo students will typically wear a black gi.

This gi is of kenpo style made by Piranha Gear. It's a heavy weight karate gi, made of 100% cotton canvas dyed black. Tournament length sleeves. Make sure to check your size; these run a little big, so you may want to go a size below.

This is your standard karate gi, also heavy weight made by Piranha Gear. 100% cotton canvas with tournament length sleeves.

These are both gis for the professional/serious martial artist. Beginners will want to stick to the uniforms that their masters sell. Though those gis are good, these are heavy duty awesome gis. These are ridiculously durable as well as breathable. A uniform that is comfortable and practical for the instructor or tournament junkie.

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