Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kenpo Karate: Drive

To defend yourself, you need drive. You can't just hope that you will be able to pull this shit right out of your ass, you need to be motivated to learn all you can to do it.

Drive (not sure why I'm explaining this; if you don't know, you live in outer space) is the passion to go without stopping until you are satisfied. Drive is what makes us human. Have you ever seen a person without drive? They are uncomfortable furniture. They lay around and aren't even useful to sit in.

Kenpo karate teaches student to strive for more. As with any martial art, kenpo karate challenges students with breaking and memorizing techniques. As time progresses, the techniques become second nature and with enough experience they will be able to defend themselves with ease. It takes drive to defend oneself, no doubt about it.

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