Friday, March 9, 2012

Kenpo Karate: Leadership

Leadership is a crucial skill in the world today. Without it, it can be extremely hard to succeed in business or in just about anything. Leaders lead the way into the future. They do not just follow the path that of those before them, they are constantly learning and creating new things.

They are also great examples and inspire their friends, family, subordinates with their charisma and their take charge attitude. It may seem hard to believe, but kenpo teaches students this too. Students often are chosen to lead classes and teach new students. This helps them remember and also learn how to articulate what it is they have learned in class.

Now when it comes to defending yourself, leadership comes from confidence. A leader is born when he/she has the confidence to accept the duties that they have in becoming a leader. As a martial artist, your duty is to defend yourself and others, preferably for a just cause (personally, if it is not a just cause then you are not a martial artist). And in that respect you become the leader that you were taught to be through the training in your dojo.

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